Below, you will find some answers to commonly asked questions. Before reading them, please note the following troubleshooting tips:
The income side of the Organizational Budget table is currently not tallying correctly. Developers are aware of the problem. Please enter all data and submit the table as is, even if the total generated is incorrect.

The Project Budget table contains a column for "description," but the fields will not allow alpha entry. Please ignore this column.

Please make sure all required boxes are checked on the check-list page (ALL of them, seriously).

If you're having trouble uploading support material, try saving, logging out and logging back in.
Frequently Asked Questions
Completing Online Application 

Why is it that when I login and click on "Apply," the system generates an error message saying I've reached the maximum number of allowable submissions?
You have already begun an application.  Click on "My Data" and you'll see your application in progress. To the right, you'll see four icons. The first says "Link to Formset" and it will take you back into the application. 
How do I change my password? 
Click on "My Account" to change password, email address or other contact information.

If I select that I want my account associated with an organization, can I still apply for the individual artist grants?  
No. If you select that you want your account associated with an organization, you will only have access to the organizational grant application.

Can my treasurer or finance specialist have access to the online application to complete the budget sections?  Yes. He or she will need to create an account and associate it with your organization. Then, you can approve them under Manage Account-->Manage Users. Alternatively, you can create an account for him or her under Manage Users.

Can I print my application?  
Yes. Choose the "Print Formset" icon.

Can I edit the support material I uploaded?  
You can edit your application and support material until you submit your application. After you submit, you cannot make changes.

What file formats are allowable for support material?  
Please view Application Instructions and Tips in the guidelines. 
Can I provide YouTube links as support material?
If you'd like to provide YouTube links, please type them into a word document and upload the document.

The system timed me out before I was finished with the page I was working on.  Is there any way to retrieve my information?  
No. The information is lost and you will have to re-enter it.  Remember to save your work frequently.  

I typed my answers to narrative questions in Word, but when I paste them into the text boxes, the system tells me I'm over the allowed character limit. What's going on?  
The system takes into account the spacing between paragraphs. You may need to relax your formatting just a bit.   

What is an NPU?
NPUs are Citizen Advisory Councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning and land use. You can find your neighborhood by looking at an alphabetical list of neighborhoods that shows which NPU each neighborhood belongs to or by looking at an alphabetical list of NPUs and the neighborhoods they contain.
Grant Writing Tips

Do you have general grant writing tips? 
Please view Application Instructions and Tips in the guidelines.

Related Terms

I am unfamiliar with some of the terms used in the guidelines and the online application. Where can I learn more?
Please view Application Instructions and Tips in the guidelines.