Planning a successful application

1. Review
Read the guidelines and follow the instructions carefully.
2. Plan ahead
Before logging on to the application site, gather your program calendar, demographic information, strategic planning documents, and most recent budget information. 
Be concise and only use the space provided. Longer does not necessarily mean stronger. Concentrate on the basics. Do not instruct panelists to see attached.
Allow yourself enough time to write, edit and assemble your grant application. 
3. Consult 
Email or call OCA staff with any questions, interpretations, etc. We can advise on the appropriate funding category, answer questions related to the guidelines and even review draft applications. Make contact at least two weeks prior to the deadline.
4. Proof read 
Remember that the information contained in your grant application could be the first knowledge panelists have of your organization.
Make certain the narrative program information and budget numbers match.
Double check for spelling, math and typographical errors. These small details may negatively impact the panelists‘ perception of your organization.
5. Test 
Test the grant application. Make sure that it works with your computer before the due date and contact OCA if you have problems.