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Before answering the application questions, see the section titled Evaluation in the respective grant program guidelines and review the criteria as OCA has made a few changes.

All applicants in the Major Arts Organization, Arts Organizations, Community Cultural Development and Artist Projects categories will be evaluated based on the following five criteria: Artistic Quality, Evidence of Commitment to Practice, Ability to Use Grant Effectively, Leadership/Administrative Capability and Impact/Accessibility.

All Emerging Artist applicants will be evaluated based on the following four criteria: Artistic Quality, Evidence of Commitment to Practice, Leadership/Administrative Capability and Impact/Accessibility.

City of Atlanta Planning Viewer Interactive Map 

Individual and organization applicants can click here to enter their address in the tool/search bar at the top left corner of the page and determine their residency or headquarter eligibility.
The purpose of this web map is to provide geographic information central to helping the OCA determine if an applicant lives within the City of Atlanta corporate city limits. It can be used for simple tasks such as determining the zoning districts in which a neighborhood lies, or for more complex tasks such as analyzing recent development patterns. In short, it is intended to help you--whether as a planner, community leader, or citizen--to make more informed decisions.