The Contracts for Arts Services (CAS) program is the City of Atlanta’s means of granting public funding to the arts. CAS awards contracts related to the production, creation, presentation, exhibition and management of artistic and cultural services in the City of Atlanta. The program recognizes that the presence of artists and non-profit organizations involved in the arts are critical to Atlanta’s cultural vitality. The arts enrich the creative development of the city’s diverse populations and contribute positively to the social and economic well being of Atlanta and the region. The CAS program also provides matching support for projects posted on power2give, a crowdfunding site for arts, designed specifically to connect donors to projects that inspire them.

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Residency or Headquarter Eligibility

City of Atlanta Planning Viewer Interactive Map 

Individual and organization applicants can click here to enter their address in the tool/search bar at the top left corner of the page and determine their residency or headquarter eligibility.

The purpose of this web map is to provide geographic information central to helping the OCA determine if an applicant lives in the City of Atlanta corporate city limits. It can be used for simple tasks such as determining the zoning districts in which a neighborhood lies.

Each year, CAS awards grants in the following categories:

Artist Project

Emerging Artist Award

Major Arts Organization

Arts Organizations

Community Cultural Development



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